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18 months

Every Friday Dan and I have a little calendar event that pops up and says “Self Reflection!” I see the reminder and ponder to myself, how did I handle conflict this week, did I speak up for myself, was I able to show those around me that I love them, and did I make the world a better place. Yesterday I came home to a letter from our adoption agency and my heart ached a little. It was our “hey, it’s been 18 months and you still aren’t any closer to becoming parents” letter. I couldn’t even read past the first line which was some quote from an alumni trying to commiserate with how “awful” the wait is. Yes, it is awful, it’s sucks! And this has truly been the hardest thing we have ever done. For more than a year, every Friday I’d feel sorry for myself and my reflections spiraled out of context. I could feel my inner light flickering, and I realized I couldn’t let my fears and self-doubt change who I am, and what I’m still to become. 

So now, I reflect on this letter from IAC. I read past the commiseration to stand up to the knowledge that some brave soul is out there looking for us and we’re here with open hearts. Waiting to become a parent is hard, deciding to place a child is… shit, I can’t even imagine how difficult that could be. All I know is we don’t need to be rebranded, pay for a better spot on a page, get added to another website, or pay some ridiculous fee to get featured for 4 hours once a month. Dan and I are good people. We have loving families, the best of friends, a freaking amazing dog, and god, we have so much love to give. 

To the expecting mom out there who may stumbles upon our page. We’re down to earth people and realize family IS more than blood. There’s so much more to you than the child you carry, and there’s so much more to us than our required cookie-cutter-smiling-couple template you’ll scroll through. I know we’ll find each other someday and until then, Dan and I will continue to go on adventures and dream our dreams. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we’re here, we’ll wait for you, and we can’t wait to meet you someday.

With all my love and light,


Day 17: Favorite Sport/Team

Sport / TeamDan is a rugby fan! He even played for his college, when he was getting his MBA. His favorite team is New Zealand’s All Blacks.
I really don’t know anything about sports. But, because I’m from Ohio and went to OSU, I’m a Buckeye football fan. My favorite part is intermission and when they win!

Day 11 & 12 Best Gift Ever Given and Received

Day 11 & 12The best physical gift we’ve ever given each other has also been the best gift we’ve received. Dan gave me LASIK.  I can’t put into words how grateful I am to see all of the time. Years ago, I gave Dan a personalized bobblehead of himself. He claims is the best gift ever! Needless to say, it’s a great conversation piece and never fails to give us a laugh.

Day 7: Favorite Board / Card Game

settlersofcatanSettlers Of Catan! The Baird Clan is very serious about Settlers of Catan. We’ve even coined our own version with our own rules, we called it “Power Catan”. When we get together, it’s an all-out war; every man for themselves. In the end, everyone usually gains up on Dan because, 8 out of 10 times he wins. But, when he doesn’t the winner always gloats so much that we have to play again!

P.S. Sorry for the late post… It was a double dance concert day!

Day 6: Home Cooked Meal

Day 6We are big brunch eaters in this house! Every week I cook up a version of this breakfast pie. Our Sunday mornings are always reserved for eating a tasty breakfast in our pajamas while enjoying a cup of coffee. (*Obviously this isn’t today’s meal. It’s dance  concert week. Although I’ve got something prepped in the refrigerator, it might not look as pretty when I have to reheat it later tonight.)